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Licensed Private Investigators Since 1998

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Licensed Private Investigators Since 1998

Bischkopf & Associates Limited are professional private investigators with 18 years experience. Based in Auckland, we have conducted a variety of assignments for our private clients, law firms, corporate entities and government departments. Whether it is investigations, surveillance, personal protection, or process serving we provide a professional and discreet service for our clients. We have associate private investigators nationwide. Our service fees are very reasonably priced and we accept a variety of payment methods.

Process Serving

Process serving requires accredited and licensed investigators or private process servers.

The Process

Successful process serving comes from the skills that come from long time experience and knowledge and proven methods of service. We cover all types of process serving; Auckland and nationwide. We are in a position to receive instructions by courier or mail from our law firm clients or individuals. We may be able to pick up those urgent assignments in the Auckland region that may arise from time to time. We will then provide you with a full report of service.

Document Types

Some types of legal document serving include: Family Court documents, Protection orders, Trespass notices, Summons, Notice of Proceedings & Statement of Claim, and Summary Judgements.


Surveillance is specialised skill that requires many years of experience and professionalism.

Our Technique

Our highly trained investigators are fully licensed and use state of the art equipment to obtain evidence. Surveillance can be an effective way of gathering intelligence either of an individual target or group, whether it be a fraud investigation, tracking assets or vehicles, or a personal relationship problem. Our investigators provide surveillance reports; detailing their observations including all times and dates. The reports will be provided for you via e-mail unless other options are requested.

Personal Protection

Personal protection services are provided to individuals, families or professional groups whenever there is a credible and present threat to one's safety.

The Threat

Threats come in many forms and can include aspects of violence, stalking, intimidation, bullying, verbal harassment and more recently cyber and text bullying. ´Personal Protection´ begins with increasing our clients' awareness of such threats, who and where they are coming from and then careful analysis of the risks and likelihood of the threat being carried out. Once the threat has been ´quantified´, we work with our clients to deal with the issue using a range of appropriate options for the individual concerned. * Within the confines of the law

When and Where

We provide around the clock protection services anywhere within New Zealand and Pacific region by trained ex-military and/or ex-police, specifically trained in personal protection.

What and How

Customised services are designed to account for the differing needs of individuals, families and professional groups such as business executives and key company personal.

If you or someone you know is being threatened, harassed, bullied or intimidated, please call in total confidence and we will give you some complementary professional advice on how best to assist you through this difficult time. We understand the nature of intimidation, so you have guarantee of absolute confidence. Discretion is paramount.


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The team

The personal details of every employee are intentionally not disclosed. This allows us to conduct surveillance without our faces and names being easily obtainable through our website.

Contact us

Please call in total confidence and we will give an honest opinion on how best to assist you at a reasonable cost. Discretion is paramount. Our contact details are below or send us a quick message to get in contact:

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